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DN-5-B3YT Automatic lifting quilting machine

   DN-5-B3YT   time:2020-12-12

Machine advantage

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1.The  machine  covers  an  area  of  only  3/5  of the old model and the operating area is only 1/2 of the full mobile series.
   There  is  no  need  to  reserve  the  work table  space do not have to pull out the frame save the room area one person   
   can  operate  independently save time and effort.
2. Use large stroke handpiece to improve the stability of the ultra-thick material  while quilted.
3. The patterns adopted the DST pattern design system there are more than 300 kinds of patterns in the computer system.
4.USB interface the custom flower type can be entered.
5. Wire break detection function.
6. All the straight lines have been balanced and processed to a more balanced operation.
7. Delivery after 24 hours of continuous trial run and delivery with no fault.
8. The computer program is independently researched and developed which is closer to the usage habits of  customer.

Suitable for processing all kinds of quilts sofa cushions leathers while opening a shop.