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DN-6 fully automatic and computer controlled single-needle quilting machine

   [Also known as all-in-one machine of   time:2019-06-24

Product parameter:

Parameters│Type *DN-6-2426 DN-6-2628
Sewing-Machine Single head、Lock Stitch 
Degree of automation Fully automatic 
Job object Cotton fiber, PP cotton  
Quilting thickness 70mm  
Outline dimension(L*W*H) 9.4×4.2×1.9m   9.6×4.4×1.9cm  
Stitch length 2-6mm
needle type 18-23#
Maximum speed 2500Rpm(max)
Quilting width  2.4×2.6cm  2.6×2.8cm
Voltage /Hz 3*380V, 50Hz
Total weight 4000kg
Output 40-120m/h  
Total power 7.0kw  
Remarks "*" indicates a standard product 

Product advantages:

1. It can realize Automatic feeding spreading quilting cutting the maximum rotation speed up to 3500 revolutions.

2. Automatic thread trimming broken wire detection infrared protection fallback quilting function. 

3. Automatic oil supply system effective lubrication of the handpiece parts extending the service life of machine.

4. Needle pitch selection angle correction pattern zooming.

5. Using the japanese servo motor to control wit higher precision.

6. Imported large rotary hook frequent replacement of the bottom line is not needed.

Details of product :

Applicable scope of product:


Suitable for continuous automated production of high-grade simmons mattresses quilts and sofa cushions .