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DN-8-S(series)High speed computer single-needle Quilting Machine

   DN-8-S(series)   time:2019-07-23

Product parameter:

Parameters l Type * DN-8-S-2426 DN-8-S-2628 DN-8-S-2830
Machine size 4.6×3.4×1.35m 5.0×3.9×1.35m 5.4×4.0×1.35m
Max Quilt Size 2.4m×2.6m 2.6m×2.8m 2.8m×3.0m
Sewing-Machine High speed,Single head, single needle, double line lock type line trace, big rotary
Quilting Thick 1200g/㎡  
Maximum Speed 3000Needle / minute  
Stitch length Stitch2~7mm  
Thread trimming device Optional
Needle 18~23#
Power AC 220V 50HZ 
Weight 1300kg 1400KG  1500KG
Driving system Intelligent digital control servo system  
Data interface Serial,U disk
Configuration AC servo motor
Remarks "*" indicates a standard product

Product advantages:

1. The quilting speed up to 3000 r / min and Production efficiency  more than doubled.

2. The handpiece using imported linear guide rail to move and the plane accuracy is within 7 silk low noise.

3. Different sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

4. The computer system has stored more than 300 kinds of patterns  and  can  also  support  USB  inventory reading with a pattern browsing function and the patterns can be rotated and mirrored.

5. Automatic refueling system using the ultra-high-speed handpiece and using the AC servo synchronization system.

6. Delivery after 24 hours of continuous trial run and delivery with no fault.

7.The computer program is independently researched and developed which is more closer to the usage habits of customer. 

Details of product :

Applicable scope of product:


Suitable for processing all kinds of quilts sofa cushions leathers while opening a shop.