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DN-5-S(series) High-speed Automatic Computer single-needle Quilting Machine

   DN-5-S(series)   time:2019-06-28

Product parameter:

Parameters│Type *DN-5-S-2426 DN-5-S-2628
Machine size 3.0×3.2×1.35m 3.2×3.4×1.35m
Max Quilt Size 2.4×2.6m 2.6×2.8m
Stitch type single needle lock stitch    
Quilting Thick 1200g/m²
Maximum speed 2200Needle / minute  
Stitch length 2~7mm
Thread trimmer system Automatic thread cutting 
Needle 18~23#
Power  220V AC  50HZ
Weight 800kg 900kg
Driving system Intelligent digital control servo system
Data interface Serial,U disk
Configuration AC servo motor
Remarks "*" indicates a standard product

Product advantages:

1. Automatic thread cutting more labor-saving.

2. Imported straight line running system more quiet faster and more stable.

3. Twenty four hours of continuous operation without fault.

4. If any machine failure going to the factory for maintenance in 48 hours.

5. Panasonic servo motor starting fast stable.

Details of product :

Applicable scope of product:


Suitable for processing all kinds of quilts sofa cushions leathers while opening a shop.