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Dingnuo Electromechanical Computer Quilting Machine participated in the 19th Pakistan Asian Textile and Apparel Machinery Exhibition

time:2018-07-23   Source: dingnuo machinery   
The 19th Pakistan Asian Textile and Apparel Machinery Exhibition was held in Pakistan (Karachi) Expo Center on March 27-29, 2018, local time in Pakistan. This exhibition showcased the company's flagship product: Dingnuo DN-5/DN-8 series computer quilting machine and other home textile equipment. Dingnuo Electromechanical consolidated the existing cooperation and discovered a large number of potential mechanical equipment customers. It laid a solid foundation for the development of Pakistan's home textile machinery market.
At the 19th Asian Textile and Apparel Machinery Show in Pakistan, textile production accounted for a quarter of Pakistan's total industrial output. The textile industry is Pakistan's largest and most significant industry. At present, there are 435 textile factories in Pakistan, which are engaged in ginning, spinning, weaving, processing and garment manufacturing. The output value accounts for about one quarter of Pakistan's industrial output value, accounting for 8% of GDP. The number of employed people accounts for about industrial employment. 40%, its export value accounts for 60% of the country's total export value, ranking 12th in the world, showing that the textile industry's position in Pakistan is of paramount importance.
After the three-day 19th Pakistan Asian Textile and Apparel Machinery Exhibition, Dingnuo Electromechanical Booth attracted many exhibitors, and Dingnuo Electromechanical staff also communicated with visitors enthusiastically and patiently. And the advantages were demonstrated in the wonderful speeches and demonstrations of Dingnuo electromechanical staff. After the professional visitors and exhibitors at the venue had a certain understanding of Dingnuo mechanical and electrical products, they showed great interest. Many customers were on the spot. Dingnuo Electromechanical Home Textile Equipment has conducted detailed consultation and hopes to conduct in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.